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Time traveler militaria

Technology means the use of scientific things. Individuals use technology to save time and complete their work steadily. People use technology in every way of life, like studying, time traveler militaria, in the workplace, etc.

Technology is not Science; it is part of Science. Science is the introduction of new inventions. Scientific knowledge, scientists invent new technological things that make life easy. We can get information about everything with just one click.


People take months to reach they want to go, today we quickly move to place the advance transport system. People could not contact each other in the past, now this problem is solved by the internet. We can get from home to any person in any part of the world.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

We all know that everything has positive and negative impacts. Technology has negative implications with its positive effects. It does not mean that we do not use technology. We can use technology to a limit. We will bear the harmful circumstances.


  • Use less number of people
  • Better work
  • Get information very quickly about anything
  • Make communication skills effective

time traveler militaria


  • Waste time by scrolling Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Take less interest in a helpful thing like studying
  • Don’t have a personal life
  • We cannot invent a new something. We waste time by seeing dramas, movies, etc.
  • Many health problems like damage to our eyes.
  • More information on the internet. I can’t decide which is right or which is wrong.

Now, take an example of a solar panel and discuss how it works and its pros and cons.

Solar panel:

A solar panel is a technological tool that converts sunlight into electrical energy. We can save this electricity with batteries. The daytime, we get electricity from the sun, At night, the point is store in batteries, and we use that battery.


The solar panel has six parts.

  • Aluminum frame

This frame covers and protects the cell. It has significant less weight is vital. It protects the solar cell from the wind and external forces disturb its working.

  • Tempered glass

This glass sheet is about 3-4mm thick and protects the photovoltaic cell from the weather. It tackles the high-temperature changes. 

  • Encapsulation of EVA

EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, mainly made for enclosing the cell into the capsule. It protects the cell from the humidity and bears the high temperature.

  • Solar PV cell

It is the central part of the panel and uses the photovoltaic cell to convert the sunlight into DC electrical energy. PV cell is made of a silicon wafer. This silicon wafer decides the performance of the cell with its two types of mono and polycrystalline silicon. The central part of the PV cell is small and slim, about 0.1mm, and it is made of n-type silicon and p-type silicon.

The ethylene vinyl acetate covers a solar cell on the upper and lower sides. After the encapsulation of the cell, there is a layer of the black sheet.

  • Black sheet

It is made of plastic, and its color is white. This sheet is a moisture barrier and protects from mechanical and electrical insulation and UV radiation. The dual glass panel is reliable and has work for 30 years.

  • Junction box

All the cells are interconnect by this box and protect these cells from dirt and dust. This box safely sticks with the cable to interconnect with the panel.


  • Sunlight is put on the panel, an electric field is created.
  • This electric field generates electricity and starts moving to the end of the panel and into the conductive wire.
  • This wire carries the electricity to the inverter. Two types of inverters are used. The purpose of the first inverter is to convert the DC into AC.
  • The second inverter carries the AC to the breaker box. This breaker box gives electricity to the whole home or building as needed.
  • Electricity is not stored in batteries to run the electrical tools at night.


  • Environment friendly

It is a clean and safe method of generating electricity. Generators and other devices generate electricity, spreading harmful pollutants into the environment. Devices create noise a generator, the solar panel does not pollute and create noise in the background—solar panels are use in homes and working areas.

  • Reduce the use of water

The solar panel  saves water need water to run and generate electricity.

  • Use less money

We use a solar panel, Do not need fossil fuel material to run it. It runs by the sunlight, and it is free of cost. By using it, our electricity bill will be low.

  • Renewable source

The electricity is create by sunlight in a solar panel system. It is a renewable source. We always use the sunlight and it will never end.

  • Easily installed

We can easily maintain the solar panel and install it in our home.  The solar panel is cleaned 2 or 3 time traveler militaria a year; otherwise, it disturbs the working of the solar panel.

  • Store extra electricity

Installing solar panels in homes and working areas reduces our electricity bills. We can store the extra electricity generated by solar panels in batteries and use it at night.


  • It is a highly-priced technological tool.
  • There is a need for a lot of space for installing solar panels.
  • Installing a solar panel, a small amount of pollution is spread in the environment.
  • We install the solar panel, we bought the batteries and inverter.
  • It is affect by the weather changes like rain.
  • Think thoroughly about the place where you installed the solar panel. It takes more money to reinstall it.
  • Please do not install it in any home where is shade. It is difficult for it to generate electricity.


  • Use a solar panel to generate the power pumps
  • For charging the battery
  • For space exploration
  • Many technological tools run through solar panels, like toasters, calculators, and cars.

Important points:

  1. It generates the same amount of energy by using sunlight as coal, natural gas, etc.
  2. The solar panel produces power better the quality of electricity is reasonable.
  3. World health will be stable.
  4. It is low price and fast way of creating electricity.

We can charge significant devices, UPS cannot set the big appliances like electric vehicles, electric machines, etc.


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