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How many jobs are available in real estate investment trust?

It is a company that fiance the income generating real estate and properties are its sources. Get high profit due to long term leases. Types of the real estate is depend on the type of property and its services. It offer many jobs because nowadays people look towards the investment in traditional business rather than try something new.

Real estate investment trust (REIT)

It is a company that owns, carry out and accounts the income generating real estate. The companies owns the building that are residential or commercial are Real estate investment trust. The owners of properties are the trust and these properties are become the source of income and its stability is depend upon the long term leases. Due to the long term leases, investors get high profit without directly investing in the properties.


It divide into many categories on the basis of property type and the services. These are follows

  • Official or industrial
  • Lodging or resort
  • Retail, timberlands
  • Fixes or combine
  • Mortgage
  • Health care
  • Residential
  • Infrastructure
  • Data centers

According to estimation, about 145 million American s invest in the REIT stocks in last years. But mostly, the real estate investment trust exposure is reward to its employees sponsor and other retirement plans.

It also offer many benefits to consumers like independence from the S and P 500 performance, dividend yields, tax savings, easy liquidity, etc.

Jobs are available in real estate investment trusts

It offers many jobs and opportunities if one is indiscipline person. Almost, 326,000 jobs are available in it in the US and around 3.4 million full time jobs are available but these are indirectly link with it. It also offers many high paying jobs but these are complicated positions ranging from assets addition to management of the properties.

Following are jobs that are available on real estate investment trusts:

  • Real estate broker: Almost 854,000 jobs available in US and the growth rate of this job is decreasing about 7% from 2020 to 2030.
  • Real estate consultant: 147,000 jobs are available in US and its growth rate is increasing from 2020 to 2030.
  • Real estate sales associates: The growth rate of this job is also increasing about 7% and in US, 148,000 jobs are available.
  • Administrative assistant: The growth rate of this job is decreasing like real estate brokers about 7% and 854,000 jobs are available.
  • Title examiner: This job’s growth rate is increasing but 6% and less number of jobs are available about 20,000.
  • Sales supervisor: 77,000 jobs are available in US and pay about 26,000.
  • Real estate Escrow Officer: this job’s growth rate is higher than others about 8% and 69,000 jobs are available in US.
  • Property manager: 117,000 jobs are available and pay start from 20,000.
  • Leasing consultant: 62,000 jobs are available in US
  • Property appraiser: Pay of this job start from 22,000 and almost 33,000 jobs are available.

The growth rate of property manager’s job, sales supervisor’s job, leasing consultant’s job and property appraiser’s job are same.

Property developer

Everyone know about this term, the first thing that come in your mind about this is to generate high profits and provide fixed support in expanding the industry. The thing require for this is to work according to the contracts, check the new facilities or properties that are under construction and completed, plan the things according to contracts and try to coordinate with the contractors and sub-contractors. For example, one gets professional degree in any field like architecture building, urban planning, civil engineering, and then one are person who manage and assist the term there accurately.

Following are the basic abilities of the property developer:

  • Understands the concept of finance work in detail
  • Should know about the insider knowledge and resources and these resources and knowledge are update with real estate market
  • Try to doing the excellent communication and try to get the things by organizational skills

Property management role

It is almost similar to the real estate developers but in property management, few factors are consider and adhere few requirements. The responsibility of real estate property manager include engage with customers and rent out or selling of properties at the best price on the basis of market rate.

The skills that are require for the property manager of real estate are following

  • Expertise in marketing
  • Tendency for solving problems
  • Customer service skills
  • Understand the finance concept
  • Managerial skills

Acquisition team member

The opportunities for acquisition team members is high because of less limit to properties and one is listed under the investment trusts. This job is high paying and the demand of these jobs is increases nowadays. The persons who are expert in finance, marketing, capital market and in business are require for this job.

Assets management

The highest pay of the real estate investment industry is the assets manager. Take care about operational and financial deliverables of the asset in portfolio are including in the duties of the asset manager. The first step is the property management and then acquisition management. The next step after it is the asset management. The skillful person are require for this job and get the maximum output from the market. Such things like connecting and communicating with other departments such as accounting, acquisition, development, finance, etc. need the employees.

Investor relations management

It control all communication and work with the REIT stockholders. The planning and assemble the data for the meeting like make the annual report and proxy statement are include in the duties of investor relation department. In middle management, the persons work in investor relation receive the high pay. The person who is expert in accounting, finance and also undergraduate degree are require for the investor relation department.

Real estate sales supervisor

Real estate investment trust duties of sales supervisor includes management of daily business unit activities like sales, rental, maintenance, repair, daily locker, guest service trails, staff management and equipment. So, it play the role of leader.

Leasing consultant

The leasing consultant help the clients like help in choose homes and properties that suits according to needs and budgets. Help consumers to make a purchase. Start from the leasing consultant, it is an excellent chance who wants to grow in profession and take higher position like marketing director. The person is aware from the local real estate market and expert in advertising and promotion for his success as a leasing consultant.

Real estate property appraiser

The value of residential and commercial property is calculate by an appraiser of real estate. The appraiser note each element for calculation but the value is affect by many market and economic factors. The appraiser get the training before working and get the certificate of it. The candidates require a background in real estate, in finance, in accounting and in many others.

Real estate investor

It is the highest paying job but face many difficulties. Buying asset, adding value and reselling are involved in it for getting the higher return and also require the detail marketing research.

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