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Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning separates the dirt, dust, and germs from the carpet. More than 20000 bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms are present on the mat, which is very harmful to the family that lives in that house.

We all know how much human health is. Due to bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms, human health is disturb. Many problems are cause due to the lousy cleaning of the carpet, like breathing problems, respiratory and many other problems.

Carpet is just like an asset. We invest money in buying the carpet so we should good care of it by proper cleaning. Regularly cleaning by broom is not suitable for the rug because it disturbs the carpet design and manufacturing. So the following are some problems that occur due to carpet cleaning.


Carpet matting & crushing

 It is expected to throw food, toys, and many other things. This problem can be solved by proper cleaning, like proper vacuuming of the carpet.

Depreciation of carpet

Depreciation is a decrease in the asset. 

It means a reduction in the carpet’s weight and the rug’s weakening. It is because of the rubbing of the carpet.

Bad signs on carpet

Constant and long-lasting marks on the carpet. It is due to the furniture placed in the same place. It means that we change the position of the table on the rug at least once a year.


 The carpet color changes or becomes colorless when the carpet is in front of the sunlight. When we wash the carpet many times, the color is change because, in washing, many items used can change the color or become, regular cleaning of carpet is not good.


Ripples on carpet

Ripples occur on the carpet because of humidity. When we wash the rug, and the mat does not dry completely, waves occur on the carpet. The only way to remove ripples is to dry the carpet completely. Otherwise, ripples or buckles appear on the mat.


Wear means how many days the carpet is in good condition, like the carpet warranty. The solution to this is to know about the rug’s security. We can take this information from dealers, or proper care and cleaning can also increase the carpet’s life.

We should take good care of the carpet because if the rug is full of dust and germs, it becomes the air bad that passes through that place. If some problems are face relate to carpet cleaning, we should at least try to remove that problem; otherwise, it will become harmful to human health.

Methods for cleaning carpet

There are some methods that we use for cleaning the carpet. These are hot water extraction, vacuuming, dry cleaning, and household methods.

Hot-water extraction

This method is also called “steam cleaning.” We use some alkaline solution (acetic acid, ammonia). First, spraying the detergents means the alkaline solution into the carpet. Then compress the mat and use the thiCarpet cleaningn trapped rod-like wand over the carpet. The last step is to dip the rug in water and wash it carefully.

The benefits of this method are that wool is not damaged, and no drying agents are used like fans because drying time is meager.


Cleaning purpose by this method is do faster than hot water extraction, and very low labor is used. The process is almost the same as the hot-water extraction method, but the drying agents are petroleum byproducts, and glycol is used.

Firstly, the detergents are sprayed on the carpet. The detergents react with carpet fibers. Then use the brush to clean it.

The defect of this method is that it is more time-consuming and expensive.


A vacuum is a machine that uses to stretch dirt, dust, and harmful particles. Nowadays, many types of vacuums use for cleaning purposes. Robotic vacuums are more easily accessible and used by humans because they are automatic. Some sensor in it senses the dirt and automatically starts cleaning.

Household method

A broom and brush are cleaning tools that are very common in every house. But regularly brooming and brushing can damage the carpet.

Machines for cleaning carpets

We know that machines do better work than humans. It also takes less time and does a better job. So, many companies make different types of vacuums used to clean carpets.

Some are given below:

Preheat 2x revolution pet pro cleaner: These machines clean the carpet in deep and clean the pet and small hair of babies. It has a spray nozzle that can suck hairs and dirt and works with the pedal. Its weight is about 17.5lbs. It is very light, so it is do very quickly.

Hoover Smart wash automatic cleaner: This machine is worked with a combination of water and detergents. This machine also offered an extra thing: it can dry the carpet after cleaning.

So, there is no need for drying agents like fans. This machine works when we push the cleaner forward and wash the rug. Its weight is almost 18.5lbs, but its price is very high because it does more work than the other vacuum.

Big green machine professional cleaner: We can operate this machine very quickly. It has a rotating brush on the top that works with the cleaning solution. This machine has suction power. So, it sucks the dirt that is deep in the carpet. While cleaning, it does not wet the whole carpet. So, it takes significantly less time to dry. But its weight is very high, about 42lbs.

Cross wave all-in-one multi surface cleaner: This machine works on rugged and bare floors. Its weight is light, about 11lbs, and we can easily control this machine. But it only cleans the dry dirt.

Pet stain eraser Power brush plus cleaner: This machine removes stains like strawberries, red wine, and many others. It is changing vacuum cleaner (which means cordless), and on one charge, it can run for about 20-22 minutes. Its weight is about 4.4lbs, and when we buy it, we can also get a stationary pet tool. But it is an expensive machine.

Pet portable spot cleaner: This machine cleans not only the stain but also the odor. It contains large tanks in which the cleaning solution is present. The machine’s weight is less, but it’s heavy when we fill the tank.

One per spotless go cordless cleaner: This machine has low weight and a slim body. So, it removed the stain and dirt under the bed and cleaned inside the big boxes like trucks, etc. We can also easily handle this machine. It is a cordless machine.


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