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Blonde hair

Blonde hair means light yellow hair color. Naturally, about 5-10 percent of people have blonde hair.
Everyone has the right to choose her favorite color.

People think that blonde hair color people are beautiful, speechless, greedy, and enthusiastic. This type of people is mostly find in schools and colleges.
Women with blonde hair are commonly correctly observe as free of trouble and blatant. The type of hair shows feminine traits. People think that women with blonde hair are attracting more men and attracting more to the movies.

Importance of hair

  •  Hair design or style does not make humans beautiful, it plays a part in the beauty of humans.
  •  Hair adds some professionalism. If you wear good clothes, your hairstyle is not good, your hair
    color does not match your clothes. It disturbs your image in front of others.
  • Hair gives you confidence like you go to university with rough or dull color.
  • Good hair color matches your facial features. You can say that a good hair color shows all your features of the skin.
  • If your hair color does not match your personality, it makes you bad. It plays a negative
    role in your personality.
  • If you have hair color well, it will go by the people. People are impress by things like
    dressing, hairstyle, hair color, etc.

The advantage you get with blonde hair.

  • If you have blonde hair, you enjoy some advantages.
  • Many people spend money on surgeries and touch up to make themselves younger.
  • blonde hair, you feel younger your age.
  •  People who have blonde hair get rid of dandruff.
  •  Such people enjoy their life full and make their life full of joy.
  •  They have good hearts and are full of patience.
  • It is said that people who have blonde hair, their relationships will be with the wealthier person.
  •  Blonde hair person is serving the services, he may get more tips. That type earns
  •  You want to change your hair color, You cannot do it. You require a strong dye to change your hair color. If you want to color your hair
  • blonde, you do not need extra strong dyes; you can easily color your hair.
  •  People who have blonde hair are shinier in the sunlight. Those with a dark color like brown
    or black do not shine in front of the sun. Sun gives shine and brightness to blonde hair, and
    everyone wants their hair to shine and look lovely.
  •  Some people think that people with blonde hair are loyal and spumy friends. If
    people with blonde hair go outside, it gives a good impression in front of others. People want to
    meet you and see if you are a good friend. We can say that blonde hair gives you confidence in how you meet new people
  •  Dry shampoo the need of women sometimes they go outside, and their hair
    looks greasy and muddy. Spray the dry shampoo on your hair, and your hair looks shiny and
    clean. It looks bad you spray the dry shampoo on dark hairs. It left some white
    stuff in the hair, it looks like dandruff. Dry shampoo works well with blonde hair. It left
    no spots in your hair.


  1. It is say, that blonde hair people are creamy and brainless. They do not have a sense of doing
    things. They behave like a child.
  2.  Blonde hair attracts men. People think that blonde hair people are characterless.
  3.  Hair color is very expensive, and the hairdresser takes more time coloring.
  4. It damages your hair and skin if you do not use it properly.
  5. The people are unintelligent and always in a funny mood.
  6.  You have blonde hair color, you will go to the hairstylist every 5-6 weeks and make your
    hair fresh and bright.
  7.  If you color, you will use the products routinely. Your hair will start
    showing the original color. Your hair is damage to the use of this product.

Blonde hair

Shades of blonde hair

 Nectar blonde

It is the best summer hair color. It shows the balance between purity and trustworthiness. The person who has
a natural hair color, that person uses this hair color. This color increases kindness and richness.

 Cool blonde

7this is an icy shade of blonde. It is for rosier complexions people. It will balance the redness of your skin, and you should use a light base with this hair color.

 Undone blonde

It is like honey color and a dark shade of blonde color. If you have dark hair, it is easy to color and maintain this shade.

 Bright highlights

If you have blonde hair, you should try this shade of color. The roots of your hair are very close
to this shade. This shade is mix with natural hair color, and your hair looks beautiful.

 Playboy blonde

This shade color is only for those who are always in tip-top condition. It is an intentional fashion and you look good you take care of your hair. You keep your healthy by regular treatment, like using the protein mask regularly.

 Pearl Blonde

It is an extra light blonde shade for those bored with platinum.

 Baby blonde

This warm, light base color shade with white highlights. We found this shade mostly in brown people
and those who attend university. We use this shade on all skin, and it does not react.

 Champagne blonde

If you are bore with the blonde color and want to try a new color. Use this pink-blonde color. It is a light
champagne color, and this shade gives a signature look. It works with all skin tones.

 True platinum

This shade is pure white platinum with an ashy tone and is more popular. It looks gray. If
you want to try this shade, go to a specialist who is an expert in coloring it is very
difficult to color it. Use the olaplex hair and purple shampoo with this platinum shade.

 Buttery blonde

This shade makes you shine more. Only fair skin matches this shade.

 Melted pecan

It is perfect for summer, and it looks like that girl’s hair shines naturally. It is for low-maintained
persons and use a base color is close to your hair color.

 Soft blonde

It is for the light skin tones people and is good for summer. It looks like the platinum shade, the hair
looks good and wonderful in this shade. Use the intense moisture mask a week to keep your hair strong.

 Classic blonde

Bronde is the combination of blonde and brown and is good for dark. It is good for those who try the
blonde color for the first time.

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